The Dwarf Planets Suite

My brand new album The Dwarf Planets Suite has now been completed and has been pressed up ready for sale. It will shortly also be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all other online music retailers. Here is a little about the album.

“In 2016 I released a cover album of Gustav Holst’s ‘The Planets Suite’ which was recreated with an orchestra of bass guitars. The Dwarf Planets Suite is my follow up in which I have composed music for 9 of our solar systems dwarf planets, such as Pluto, Ceres and Haumea. Each dwarf planet, the the planets, is named after a different mythological character, mostly from the roman pantheon but some from native religions such as from Easter Island and the Tongva tribe of southern California. The album comprises interweaving bass and chapman stick parts which make up a string orchestra.

You can check out my playalong for the Dwarf Overture here: