Simon Fitzpatrick – The Planets Suite (2016)


“Voyage through the solar system from Mercury to Neptune with the bass guitar as your guide!

“Simon Fitzpatrick has reinterpreted Gustav Holst’s classical masterwork through the medium of his own instrument, the bass guitar. Multi-layered basses are supported by Chapman Stick and Minitaur Synthesizer to create a brand new vision of the British composer’s much loved celestial suite. The many timbres available on the bass guitar are used to emulate the various orchestral departments which are so well exploited in the composer’s original arrangement. In “The Planets Suite” Fitzpatrick deploys the full range of his technique to create all the colours and moods evocative of our planetary neighbours, veering between layered grooves, soulful melodies, virtuosic flourishes and atmospheric soundscapes.”

Available for download here and physically here.

Simon Fitzpatrick – Reflections (2013)


“Reflections, the first solo album from Simon Fitzpatrick, is a collection of solo bass guitar pieces ranging from original compositions to classical interpretations and all bass versions of epic rock songs.”

Available here.

Lars Lind – Soul Kicker (2015)

lars lind album

“Norway has brought you some great guitar players! John Norum, Ronni Le Tekro, Gunnar Westlie, Tore Moren, and now LARS LIND!…

“Lars Lind is a guitarist/composer from Norway. His new instrumental record “Soul Kicker” is now ready for release on Shredguy Records Dec 1st. The album features John Macaluso on drums, Simon Fitzpatrick on bass and Jan-Fredrik Heier on keys. The 9 tracks on the album are heavy, melodic and with some elements of 70’s prog rock. The band did a release tour in Norway in late October and will continue playing “Soul Kicker” live in 2016.”

Available here.

Robbie Boyd – So Called Man (2014)

so called man

“Robbie’s debut album ‘So Called Man’ draws on his broad range of musical influences, and features 12 songs decorated with luscious melodies and wistful lyrics reminiscent of Passenger, with a post-Mumford twang. The album includes debut single ‘Less Than Friends’, a toe-tapping tale of unrequited love. It should be dark and moody; instead the song is full of hope – which sums up what this album is all about.”

Available here.

Paul Bielatowicz – Preludes and Etudes (2013)


“Paul’s debut solo album on CD.  Virtuoso classical repertoire performed on electric guitar in its purest form – just a guitar, an old amp and LOTS of practice!”

Available here.

Carl Palmer – Decade (10th Anniversary tour DVD) (2012)

palmer decade

Carl Palmer, among the most renowned drummers in rock history and a founding member of both ELP and ASIA releases DECADE (which chronicles the 2011 tour show and celebrates the 10th anniversary of Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy band).

“I am very excited to have these titles coming out and available finally for my fans,” says Palmer. “Decade is a complete show by my band, and features our power trio interpretations of the greatest songs of ELP and select classical composers. If you loved ELP but want to hear these songs done in a completely different musical environment, this DVD is something you will want to see and own. We are extremely proud of the final product, which was captured at one of our shows on the 2011 tour.”

Available here.

Killerfix – Bridge of Disorder (2011)


“Debut album “Bridge of Disorder” was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on 25th November 2011 – soon to be followed by the rest of the world – through Dust On The Tracks records.

Metal Hammer – “A very strong collection of ballsy thrash-influenced heavy metal.”

Big Cheese – “This eight track debut album is a skull cracker.”

Patrik Wydler, Rckstr Magazine, Switzerland – “Bridge Of Disorder’, one of the most innovative metal records of 2011. The future looks bright for Killerfix.”

Available here.