New Album “The Planets Suite”

My new album will be available as a physical and digital copy very soon. Here are some details about what to expect:


“Simon Fitzpatrick has reinterpreted Gustav Holst’s classical masterwork through the medium of his own instrument, the bass guitar. Multi-layered basses are supported by Chapman Stick and Minitaur Synthesizer to create a brand new vision of the British composer’s much loved cosmological suite. The many timbres available on the bass guitar are used to emulate the various orchestral departments which are so well exploited by the composer to create all the colours and sounds evocative of the even today mysterious celestial beings which inhabit our night sky yet remain beyond the reach of human contact. Voyage through the solar system from Mercury to Neptune with the bass guitar as your guide!”


New European Tour Photos

Taken from Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy European tour Feb/March ’16. The Chapman Stick is becoming an increasing feature in this band, now featuring on 4 of the tunes in the set. Playing two parts at once as well as triggering synth sounds with my MIDI pickup causes a real headache but it’s so worth it for the huge soundscape it creates!